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How To Stay Clinically Up To Date In A Non-Clinical Position

These days there are so many areas in which we can practice nursing, many of which are not clinical. But how can a nurse in a non-clinical position stay current with the ever changing nursing practice? Well, I have a few suggestions. There is a myriad of things that nurses can do to stay active. We can take courses, attend conferences, participate in web-based activities or even informal sharing of practice. One of the best ways to stay current is with continuing education. It is helpful … [Read more...]

Nurses Should Not Have To Fear Abuse

Imagine an ordinary day, going to work and, in the middle of your shift, while trying to abide by the policies and procedures of your hospital, you find yourself being handcuffed and taken by force to a police car? That is what happened to Alex Wubbles, a nurse in Salt Lake City, Utah! Alex was on the burn unit and working with a patient who was badly burned in a fiery motor vehicle collision when a police officer showed up.  The police had been on a high-speed chase of a truck driver who … [Read more...]

The Impact of the New Indiana Opioid Bill for Nurse Practitioners

Hot off the press as of July 1, 2017, SB 226, Indiana’s new amendment concerning prescription opioids is now in effect. The amendment comes amidst the growing national opioid epidemic, by which Indiana has been hit hard. Indiana’s health care costs associated with opioid abuse reached $650 million in 2007, ranking 12th in the nation at the time, and have certainly risen since then. Poisoning has become Indiana’s leading cause of injury death, with drug overdose accounting for the broad majority. … [Read more...]

Do Boards of Nursing Eat Their Young?

Ask any nurse and they will tell you they have heard the expression, “nurses eat their young!”  Unfortunately, members of the nursing profession are known not to be supportive of each other, especially the newer younger nurses. I look at Boards of Nursing as a microcosm of what is happening in the profession where nurses eat their young, talk down to each other and punish without rehabilitating.  The same is true with Nursing Boards. The job of the Board of Nursing is to protect the public … [Read more...]

No Free Lunch For Nurse

I previously have written that in Texas nurses filed a complaint for not being paid for breaks that they were unable to take and how some hospitals use break or lunch nurses to fill in so that the others can take a break.  Click HERE The St. Charles Health System in Oregon utilizes the “buddy system.”  They require nurses to take a break while their buddy watches their patients.  However, when a buddy watches the patients of another, that buddy is responsible now for twice as many … [Read more...]

The 6 Human Needs

Recently I attended a Tony Robbins seminar.  He is amazing and his presentation was a life-changing event.  In his program, he discussed 6 human needs which may help you understand why you act and react in certain ways, but also why other people act and react in certain ways. The first need is for certainty.  Certainty is the need to avoid pain.  It is the survival mechanism.  We need certainty to function in our lives.  For example, knowing that when you go out to eat that you won’t get … [Read more...]

Beware Of Using Social Media As A Nurse

A registered nurse in Saskatchewan, Canada, posted a comment on social media regarding the care of her grandfather who had recently passed away at a long-term care facility.  The comment suggested the staff suffered from a lack of compassion and education. To this nurse’s surprise, charges were filed against her license for harming the standing of the profession of nursing under Canada’s “Registered Nurses Act.”  She was found guilty and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine as well as an additional … [Read more...]

Staying At The Bedside

Recently I’ve read several articles about why nurses leave the bedside.  We all know the sobering fact that hospitals are now run like corporations and seem to be more focused on the bottom line rather than on patient care. Staffing is usually an issue and that everything that is required is difficult to get done in the time allotted. Think about it!  On a day shift, nurses sometimes have 6 to 8 patients.  This means that the nurse has only a little over an hour per patient to perform all … [Read more...]