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The High Rate Of Nurse Suicides

A study was released last year that found nurses are 23% more likely to take their own lives than the general population.  Adding to that shocking statistic is that nurses are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than people working outside of the medical field.  This is all so tragic and sad. Nurses have access to lethal medications, which makes it easier for them to act on their self-destructive thoughts.  I am always saddened when a nurse comes to me who has contemplated suicide.  I … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Nurse

Years ago, when I was practicing nursing, I had a young patient who said she “didn’t feel quite right.”  Her vital signs were good, and her assessment was normal, but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly was going on.  I knew in my gut something was wrong.  Then she started screaming, “God, I’m coming!” as we rushed her off to ICU where we found that she was suffering a stroke. Before her outburst, my gut told me that something was seriously wrong, but I was afraid to call the doctor.  We … [Read more...]

Patient Satisfaction Scores

I have wanted to write an article on this for a while.  I was surprised to learn that the government has chosen to include patient satisfaction into the mix of hospital reimbursements! Let’s realize that we are dealing with a population (patients) comprised of individuals who are ill to begin with.  When one is ailing, they are distracted by their discomfort to the degree that they are unable to accurately gauge whether the care they are receiving is good. Imagine a patient who is a … [Read more...]

Patient Rapes Nurse At Gunpoint

On May 13, 2017, an inmate at the Kane County Jail in Illinois was taken to Delnor Hospital after he ate a jail-issued plastic sandal and drank a liquid cleaner.  He had surgery to remove the plastic and liquid from his stomach and was recovering when the guard left him unshackled after the inmate had used the restroom. After being unsecured for about a half hour, the inmate grabbed the gun of the officer who then ran down the hall and hid in a room.  The inmate then went to a nearby office … [Read more...]


For the 16th consecutive year, the Gallup Poll found that the most trusted professionals are … nurses!!!  Nurses surpassed military officers by 11% and doctors by 17%. I love seeing these statistics because they are true.  Nurses are amazing in that they take care of people’s health, well-being, psycho/social needs and even their property. Interestingly, pharmacists have declined some this year, possibly related to the opioid crisis.  Members of Congress received negative readings, more or … [Read more...]

Mandatory B.S.N.

In 1964, the American Nurses Association supported the position that all nurses should have a B.S.N.  However, nothing really became of it until the State of New York made the bold move last week by passing legislation requiring all New York State nurses to have a B.S.N. within 10 years. New York encompasses 8% of all R.N.’s in the United States and sets a precedent for the other States to require a Bachelor of Science in Nursing be obtained within ten years of initial licensure in order to … [Read more...]

Dealing With Stress In Nursing

It’s nurse license renewal season and in Indiana, on the application, nurses must answer if they have been reprimanded, terminated or disciplined in their capacity as a health care provider. The Nursing Board even requires nurses to disclose if they’ve had attendance issues because, even though I would argue that’s not in the capacity of a health care provider, anyone can have an attendance issue.  However, the Board seems to think it is of concern because it could mean patient … [Read more...]

The Nursing Shortage

The nursing shortage is hitting hard and it’s hitting fast.  According to Reuters, hospitals are offering various incentives, including sign-on bonuses, to recruit new nurses.  They also are offering low cost housing and career mentoring. Next, hospitals are investing more in travel nurses.  A hospital in Charleston, West Virginia, doubled the amount they spend on travel nurses to $12,000,000 compared to 3 years ago, making a huge financial impact on their already struggling budget.  [Click … [Read more...]