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The High Rate Of Nurse Suicides

A study was released last year that found nurses are 23% more likely to take their own lives than the general population.  Adding to that shocking statistic is that nurses are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than people working outside of the medical field.  This is all so tragic and sad. Nurses have access to lethal medications, which makes it easier for them to act on their self-destructive thoughts.  I am always saddened when a nurse comes to me who has contemplated suicide.  I … [Read more...]

No Free Lunch For Nurse

I previously have written that in Texas nurses filed a complaint for not being paid for breaks that they were unable to take and how some hospitals use break or lunch nurses to fill in so that the others can take a break.  Click HERE The St. Charles Health System in Oregon utilizes the “buddy system.”  They require nurses to take a break while their buddy watches their patients.  However, when a buddy watches the patients of another, that buddy is responsible now for twice as many … [Read more...]

Perils Of Night Shift Nursing

A completely unscientific review of the nurses who I have represented for licensing issues shows that the vast majority of them worked the night shift. The areas where some nurses seem to get in trouble are: (1)    sleeping on the job – because they haven’t adjusted to the night shift schedule; (2)    taking Ambien for sleep during the day in which there may be a concern about impairment; (3)    failure to recognize subtle changes in patients due to the decreased number of staff; (4)    … [Read more...]

Nurses Use Of Controlled Substances

What is the first thing that a physician orders when you work night shift and have trouble sleeping during the day?  The physician orders Ambien! Maybe you’ve been working long hours; walking the hard floors of a hospital and it’s taking a toll on your back and other joints.  If you have pain, which cannot be controlled by non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, the physician prescribes hydrocodone! Now, if you were then asked to take a drug screen, the hospitals are usually okay with positive … [Read more...]

Shifting Your Thinking To Abundance In Nursing

Frequently I hear nurses saying that we don’t have enough staff to take care of the patients.  The patients are too sick.  We have too many patients.  There are not enough supplies to care for the patients and we don’t have enough time to do everything we need to care for the patients.  These conversations are based in scarcity and lack. There are 3 myths about abundance. The first is that abundance is for others and not for me.  Let’s understand that abundance is our birthright. The … [Read more...]

Domestic Abuse Among Health Care Providers

Health care providers are some of the key people who should be able to identify domestic violence and provide the appropriate assistance and referrals.  But what if the domestic violence is happening to that health care provider?  What if one of our own nurses is the victim?  What if YOU are the victim? As nurses, like all health care providers, we take care of everyone else, sometimes to the exclusion of ourselves.  If you are a victim of domestic abuse, you may be thinking that you can help … [Read more...]

Fitbits in Nursing

I guess I’m a little bit of a techie and just got a Fitbit which monitors my steps and activities. I enjoy watching my number of steps throughout the day. When I was a nurse, I would spend my time walking down large halls to see my patients and back to the nurse’s station to chart. Once I became an attorney and sat at a desk, things changed. Not only did I lose my figure but my nursing bladder as well! My Fitbit is helping me be conscious of my activity. Earlier this week, I was with a … [Read more...]

My Personal Insight

As many of you know, I have been working a lot on my personal growth for some time. I recently discovered something about myself that I want to share with you in hopes that it may help some of you as well. It’s hard for me to believe that I never put this together until after many decades of soul-searching but, anyway, here we go … When I was younger, my parents would say I was selfish. They wouldn’t just say that, they would actually call me “selfish!” I didn’t realize at that young age … [Read more...]