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Staying At The Bedside

Recently I’ve read several articles about why nurses leave the bedside.  We all know the sobering fact that hospitals are now run like corporations and seem to be more focused on the bottom line rather than on patient care. Staffing is usually an issue and that everything that is required is difficult to get done in the time allotted. Think about it!  On a day shift, nurses sometimes have 6 to 8 patients.  This means that the nurse has only a little over an hour per patient to perform all … [Read more...]

5 Minutes Of Joy

It gets so hectic during the holiday season, with frantically buying gifts on our list and checking it twice.  Sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves. One of the best things that I learned, that helped me decrease my stress level is to take 5 minutes of joy each day. At first, I had trouble finding something that causes me joy.  This doesn’t mean that I’m not a happy person, but when you have to intentionally create time that you get to smile and laugh and be happy … it’s … [Read more...]

Give Me A Break

Just about every day I hear that nurses cannot take their required breaks.  If they do take a break, it puts their patients at risk by giving the other nurses more patients to watch. In fact, several lawsuits have been filed against health care institutions claiming that nurses were not getting the breaks there were supposed to take and, even though they worked through those break periods, their paychecks would reflect a 30-minute deduction as if they had actually taken the required … [Read more...]

The Power of Intention

Intention is a predetermined outcome.  Remember when you thought about getting started in this profession that you would do anything you could to get into nursing school?  Once you were admitted to school, you would do anything you could to complete the program.  Then when you completed that program, you would do anything you could to pass the NCLEX exam. All of that, each step of the way, was intention. You were very intentional about becoming a nurse and that same tool, that power of … [Read more...]


As nurses, we see the most difficult things in humanity.  We see people suffering, we are privy to their difficult family situations, we basically have a very privileged look into the details of our patients’ lives.  We see their hopes, their fears, their sadness and their joy. But all this does not come without a price.  When I was a nurse I was shielded from the sadness by putting a wall around myself so I would not have feel so much of the pain that my patients were going through. It … [Read more...]

The Nursing Shortage

I have written on this topic frequently because the nursing shortage is expected to intensify as baby boomers age and the need for health care grows. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nurse is among the top occupations for growth through the year 2022.  The field is expected to grow 19% between now and then. A 2013 survey conducted by The National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the Forum for State Nursing Workforce Centers found that 55% of the R.N. workforce … [Read more...]

Be A Change Agent To Improve Patient Care

I believe that nurses have the answers to the problems in health care, but either they are afraid to speak up or others don’t listen.  So, how can we make change that will really occur? When you want to make change, think about the end result you are seeking.  That is where you start.  That is your intention of what you want to set. However, whenever there is change, there may be opposition.  For change to occur, look at the payoffs that you are getting for keeping things the same.  Then … [Read more...]

Focusing On Adversity With Grace

I recently had a trial and while the outcome was favorable, there were many learning opportunities presented to me. Along with 2 other attorneys, I was co-counseling this case.  Though we all are very experienced attorneys, we each had our own style and our own way of doing things. I found as I witnessed their approaches during the trial thinking to myself, “Well, I wouldn’t do it that way.”  That’s when I started feeling that part of me that wants to control everything began to rear its … [Read more...]