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For the 16th consecutive year, the Gallup Poll found that the most trusted professionals are … nurses!!!  Nurses surpassed military officers by 11% and doctors by 17%. I love seeing these statistics because they are true.  Nurses are amazing in that they take care of people’s health, well-being, psycho/social needs and even their property. Interestingly, pharmacists have declined some this year, possibly related to the opioid crisis.  Members of Congress received negative readings, more or … [Read more...]

Interview with a nurse from Indonesia

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Negative Environments Feed On Complaints

A few years ago, I did an Empowered Nurses Boot Camp.  It was a 4-week program designed to help nurses with license protection, leadership, communication and mindset issues.  I will be launching the Boot Camp again soon, but this time with CE credit!  In the meantime, you can check it out at empowerednursesbootcamp.com. One of the topics in the Boot Camp program is environment.  Environment is everything and a negative one does not support you.  Not being in an environment that’s supportive … [Read more...]

That Little Voice In Your Head

No, you are not crazy. We all have two different little voices in our heads.  One is the loud, negative voice that tells us we’re no good, and that questions how can you be a successful nurse, why do you deserve to be successful? But there’s also that quieter, softer voice supporting you saying, “You CAN do this!”  “You CAN be successful!”  “You have everything it takes!” Which voice do you listen to? There’s a Native American Indian story about a black wolf and a white wolf.  We have … [Read more...]

Jimmy Kimmel Part II

As I mentioned in last week’s article, which you can find by clicking here, the son of comedian and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was born with a birth defect in his heart.  An attending nurse was astute enough to notice the infant’s condition and basically saved the life of Kimmel’s son. Several days later on the national broadcast of his TV program, he thanked the nurse as well as all those who participated in his son’s care.  The baby is now home and doing well.  Click here to see … [Read more...]

Jimmy Kimmel and National Nurses’ Week, Part 1

I am not one to jump on the bandwagon when something pops up in the news.  However, the recent Jimmy Kimmel matter does deserve some attention. After Kimmel’s wife gave birth to their son at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, an astute nurse noticed the infant had a heart murmur.  Heart murmurs in babies can be normal but the nurse also noticed his skin had a bluish tone. The nurse rushed Kimmel’s son to the NICU and it was then learned that the baby had tetralogy of Fallot.  He was … [Read more...]

The 6 Human Needs

Recently I attended a Tony Robbins seminar.  He is amazing and his presentation was a life-changing event.  In his program, he discussed 6 human needs which may help you understand why you act and react in certain ways, but also why other people act and react in certain ways. The first need is for certainty.  Certainty is the need to avoid pain.  It is the survival mechanism.  We need certainty to function in our lives.  For example, knowing that when you go out to eat that you won’t get … [Read more...]

5 Minutes Of Joy

It gets so hectic during the holiday season, with frantically buying gifts on our list and checking it twice.  Sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves. One of the best things that I learned, that helped me decrease my stress level is to take 5 minutes of joy each day. At first, I had trouble finding something that causes me joy.  This doesn’t mean that I’m not a happy person, but when you have to intentionally create time that you get to smile and laugh and be happy … it’s … [Read more...]