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Injustices In Nursing

I received an anonymous letter in the mail from one of my readers in response to an article I had written.  She was concerned that nothing was being done about some of the injustices in nursing. At first I felt bad that for whatever reason my article didn’t benefit her.  I know not everyone is going to resonate with my message, but my goal is to learn whatever I can from any negative comments. There are so many injustices in nursing and just to note a few: If a nurse takes controlled … [Read more...]

Are You Working In Faith Or Fear?

When we were living in caves thousands of years ago, there was a real fear of becoming an animal’s main dinner entrée.  When faced with that possibility, the fight or flight response kicked in. But today, while we can feel safe in our homes, we still can push the so-called panic button for any fear response any time we want. I call “fear” false evidence appearing real because there is relatively little to fear in our lives today.  But most of us are pushing the panic button all the time … [Read more...]

Nurses Use Of Controlled Substances

What is the first thing that a physician orders when you work night shift and have trouble sleeping during the day?  The physician orders Ambien! Maybe you’ve been working long hours; walking the hard floors of a hospital and it’s taking a toll on your back and other joints.  If you have pain, which cannot be controlled by non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, the physician prescribes hydrocodone! Now, if you were then asked to take a drug screen, the hospitals are usually okay with positive … [Read more...]

NLP For Nurses

“I care about myself.  I am a great nurse!  My services are needed.” You probably say that yourself every day, right? You don’t?  Well, you should according to Briana Binion who is a neurolinguistic programming (NLP) practitioner.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Briana to tell me about this interesting program. NLP is “the number one technology” says Briana, and it is the study of the mind; what we do and why we do what it is that we do.  She says it’s the best way for successful … [Read more...]

The Downside Of Electronic Medical Records Documentation

The electronic health records are here to stay.  You may love it because they save time or you may dislike it.  Regardless of your opinion, we have no choice about it. The government now requires that healthcare providers adopt and demonstrate “meaningful use” of electronic health records to remain eligible for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. “If it is not documented, it is not done.”  So, with that in mind, here are some tips to help you with these procedural changes: Always use … [Read more...]

Can’t We All Get Along?

It seems that the theme for nurses this week is how do we resolve problems.  Many of us approach problems from a reactive stance, that is, we tend to respond by getting upset, angry and feel indignant that this is happening. Stepping back from the situation, we can get clear on what is really going on and what it is that we want to create.  If animosity and defensiveness is what you seek, you will respond from a reactive posture.  However, if you want to create goodwill in reaching a win-win … [Read more...]

Is The Writing On The Wall?

Many nurses stay in their job because of their comfort zone.  They are comfortable with where they work, the policies and procedures, the staff, the routine, etc.  But things may not be clicking just right.  Maybe you’re getting write-ups here and there and talked to frequently.  Perhaps you may not fit in with the other staff and all these other little signs. Meanwhile, parts of your body are talking to you.  Your gut is screaming, “This isn’t quite right!” and coercing you to “Leave it!”  … [Read more...]

Shifting Your Thinking To Abundance In Nursing

Frequently I hear nurses saying that we don’t have enough staff to take care of the patients.  The patients are too sick.  We have too many patients.  There are not enough supplies to care for the patients and we don’t have enough time to do everything we need to care for the patients.  These conversations are based in scarcity and lack. There are 3 myths about abundance. The first is that abundance is for others and not for me.  Let’s understand that abundance is our birthright. The … [Read more...]