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  • Are you frustrated with the practice of nursing?
  • Are things happening at work that
    shouldn’t be happening?
  • Are you afraid to speak up and make
    suggestions for change?
  • Do you leave work each day feeling
    tired and drained?
Dear Caring Nurse,

Yes, that would be YOU!

Welcome to Empowered Nurses, your journey to a greater and more fulfilling practice of nursing.

Because you are here, we know that you care about your patients and your professional life. You are truly a giving nurse; a nurse who cares about the future of his/her profession.

That’s why we invite you to join the Empowered Nurses organization. We are a group of nurses just like you who want to improve our profession, and we want to help each other create work environments that work for us and for our patients.

We know you: You are a kind, loving, caring and bright nurse who went into the profession because you really care about people and wanted to help them. You know there are things in the hospital that are not quite right. You may even see things at work that bother you.

But how can you speak up to change things
when you’re afraid that being the
 “squeaky wheel” could lose you your job?
What If You Had The Tools To Create An Environment
At Work That Allow You To Feel Fulfilled, Energized
And Empowered To Give Great Care To
Your Patients?

At Empowered Nurses, we can give you the tools to create a supportive nursing unit where:

  • everyone works together and helps each other
  • you have “each other’s back” and can count on the other person to be there for you
  • you can speak your mind and not fear reprisal
  • you can learn all the nursing laws to keep your license safe
  • you are comfortable knowing you won’t be called before the licensing board

The first step is to sign up for a free report Thrive in your Nursing Practice using the box in the right hand column of this site.  This will empower you immediately in your position. Then you will receive our monthly newsletter with valuable information on how to create the nursing environment that you want while legally protecting your license.


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